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Since the beginning of time, people have been striving to establish a sense of belonging to their surroundings. Just as the roots of a tree find their way and cling to the earth, we express our love to our land and Mother Nature through songs like these. They are light, yet they contain the four […]

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The Canadian Arabic Orchestra presents Mazzika Mazzika is a series of concerts that introduce a variety of classical Arabic instruments and styles. A performance that sheds light on a different instrument every time, solo or small ensembles of distinguished musicians. A new performance will be performed in your city every month. A little music to uplift your […]

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The Canadian Arabic Orchestra and the Canadian Arabic Choir are glad to announce their first ever performance in London, Ontario: Medley. This concert will feature songs of the legendary Fairuz, Sabah Fakhri and a number of other classical Arab singers. The orchestra constitues of a qanun, violin, darbuka, oud, as well as other instruments. This […]

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East West

East embraces West in a new Musical Epic presented by the Canadian Arabic Orchestra. The concert highlights the connection between Arabic and Western music with works by famous composers from both worlds…Old pices in a new form and new spirit… الشرق سيعانق الغرب في ملحمة موسيقية جديدة تقدمها الأوركسترا الكندية العربية. يسلط هذا العرض الضوء […]

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In the memory of the legendary composer Riad Al Sunbati, the Canadian Arabic Orchestra presents “Memories”, a concert featuring some of the most beautiful songs written by the Poet of Love Ahmad Rami, composed by Riad Al Sunbati and sung by the Diva of Arabic Song Umm Kulthoum. تخليداً لإبداعات الملحن الكبير رياض السنباطي، تقدم الأوركسترا […]

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Speak to me of my Homeland

Beautiful voices bring to you scenes from our beloved Arab cities, originally sung by the legendary Fairouz… It’s a performance not to be missed. سوف تحكي الجوقة الكندية العربية عن مدننا الحبيبة التي غنت لها السيدة فيروز، بعرض مؤثر يصف جمال و تاريخ العديد من المدن العربية Tickets for this show will be available soon…. […]

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Sounds from Iraq

This music will take you from the forests and snow of Canada to past times and faraway places, to the land between the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates, where poets thrived and beautiful music evolved… Let the beauty of Iraqi music and songs fill your senses… متأملا غابتها وثلوجها …. والعمر مرّ والسنين أمرّ ….. […]

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park party

Community appreciation Event- Music in the Park

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra is pleased to invite you to attend our open gathering at Jack Darling Memorial Park in Mississauga On Sunday July 17th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Our choir and orchestra members will bring their instruments; together we will sing classical Arabic songs and enjoy the lovely summer. Bring your family and friends, your […]

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Mwashahat Wa Qudood

“Mwashahat Wa Qudood” a selection of Classical Arabic songs with Andalusian flavors, composed by (Sayyed Darwish, Sabah Fakhry, Abdul Wahhab, Omar Al Batsh, Zakariyya Ahmad).

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Tarab in Our Time

A concert that highlights compositions by modern Arabic classical music composers from the Middle East.

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Memories – First Concert

A concert featuring some of the most beautiful songs written by the Poet of Love Ahmad Rami.

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Speak to me of My Land – First concert

A collection of songs that describe the beauty of various Arab cities by the legendary Fairouz.

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A beautiful mix of pure instrumental pieces brought to life by the quintet of the Canadian Arabic Ensemble.

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East Meets West

The concert highlights the works of the great composers of both the Western and the Eastern worlds.

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A Journey through Arab World Music

Taste every region in the Arab World; from Iraq in the East to Algiers and Tunisia in the West.

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