Date : Saturday November 04 – 19h:30
Location : Lester Pearson   Brampton
Hall Capacity : 450
Price : $31 – $35 ( + Taxes & Hall Processing Fees)
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GOLAN (Tunisia, France, Palestine …)

For his ensemble “Golan”, the double bass player Hubert Dupont gathered around him virtuosos musicians from all over the Mediterranean.
Nothing surprising for this insatiable curious baroudor, always eager of exchanges with other cultures.
Arab tradition? Jazz?
Their music belongs to these two worlds and even more so, but is an authentic encounter, an elsewhere beyond cleavages.
An ideal of musical fraternity as much as a hymn to freedom, for an “oriental journey” different from others. ” Pascal Rozat (France Musique).

Around the Golan project, there is a real cultural issue : showing the richness of oriental music, showing that creativity is at work as much there than here, showing how these two can meet ; contributing to a popular contemporary culture, in which our society recognizes and can project itself in the future.

Awareness actions :
Hubert Dupont, and Golan’s members, are used to teach (to young musicians, in master-class, …) and share their experiences, to address all subjects:
– the various instruments,
– examples of rhythms, of modern or traditional origin,
– examples of maqâms, fashions from jazz, or modes of Messiaen, etc …
   * the meeting of cultures, techniques, practices, codes,
– cross-cultural artistic adventures : projecting into a musical common future,
– our different paths, our experiences, the history of our meeting,
– the daily reality of musicians in different regions of the world,
– culture, music, artistic approach, in society, in different regions of the world, …

Meetings Concerts :
During a 1h30 commented concert, the musicians alternate played examples and explanations on music, instruments, other aspects of cultures, the meeting of cultures, the musical context in the Middle East – and answer questions from listeners.

This concert is brought to you by the Festival of Arabic Music and Arts in partnership with the Festival Du Monde Arabe.



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