Mwashahat Wa Qudood

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra and The Canadian Arabic Choir present “Mwashahat Wa Qudood” a selection of Classical Arabic songs with Andalusian flavors, composed by (Sayyed Darwish, Sabah Fakhry, Abdul Wahhab, Omar Al Batsh, Zakariyya Ahmad).

“One of the most magnificent gems in the history of Arabic music… The Mwashah, a word that comes from the word Wishah which literally means a scarf adorned with ornaments is a poetic form that originated in Andalusia during the tenth century. The poems of the Mwashah abandon the strict rhym
es of Arabic poetry and follow colorful rhythms and just as the word implies, the music is decorated with beautiful melodic ornamentation. The Qudood came into being around the 18th century in Syria and were inspired by the mwashah although much simpler in form and rhythm. This music will take you back to majestic times, to the days of sultans and evenings of serenity and beauty…”

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Upcoming Concert Dates

28 Jan

Mwashahat Wa Qudood – Aga Khan Museum

Stating time 7:30 pm - The Aga Khan Museum, 77 Wynford Dr, Toronto, ON M3C