Date: Feb 16, 2019
Location: The Music Gallery – 918 Bathurst St
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The Canadian Arabic Quartet is a dynamic new ensemble formed by core members of the
Canadian Arabic Orchestra. Drawing on their diverse backgrounds in classical Arabic
music, Western jazz, rock and classical, as well as Greek and Mediterranean music, the
Quartet performs contemporary Arabic repertoire based on the classical traditions as well
as an array of Arabic jazz and world fusion.
The Music Gallery premiere of the Quartet will highlight modern Arabic compositions
that explore the colours of the Arabic modal system, syncopated rhythms and soaring,
expansive improvisation. While deeply rooted in classical Arabic traditions, influences
of American jazz, Western classical music and the music of Spain and North Africa
shape new sonorities and moods. Composers featured will be Charbal Rouhana –
Lebanon, Anouar Brahem – Tunisia, Nizar Rohana – Palestine, Marcel Khalife – Lebanon,
Trio Joubran – Palestine, and Rabih Abu Khalil – Lebanon.

The Canadian Arabic Quartet
Majd Sekkar – Clarinet
Demetri Petsalakis – Oud
Tyler Emond – Bass
James Freeman – Percussion

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16 Feb


- The Music Gallery - 918 Bathurst St