Naseer Shamma


Date : Sunday November 12 – 18h:00
Location : Living Arts Centre  Mississauga
Hall Capacity : 1300
Price : $55 – $65 ( + Taxes & Hall Processing Fees)

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Born in Iraq 1963 in a city on the Tigirs River. He began studying the oud at the age of 12 in Baghdad. Shamma received his diploma from the Baghdad Academy of Music in 1987. He
began to teach oud after three years at the academy, as well as continuing his own studies. Shamma has composed music for films, plays and television and created the Arabic Oud House in Cairo.

Shamma took the Arabic Oud House to various other Arab cities such Tunis and Dubai where the principles of playing the Oud are taught to scholars of all ages.

Shamma sought out and located the blueprints for the Oud designed by Al Farabi in the 9th Century AD, and was the first artist to construct it and play it to an audience of Oud scholars.
The Farabi Oud produces 4 musical octaves as opposed to the normal 2, thus giving the player a vast area to improvise.

Shamma, is one of the top 5 Oud masters in the World; his concert with the Canadian Arabic Orchestra will be an educational experience for the CAO and a masterpiece of classical Arabic Music.

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